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WESTFIELD, NJ — In Ward 3, Democrat Dawn Nichol-Manning is running for a four-year-term on the town council. Get to know her with this featured profile. 

Name: Dawn Nichol-Manning

Age: 50

Q. What are your qualifications for office?

A. As an educator, union leader and minister I have developed an ear for listening to the concerns of others. I understand that there must be a commitment to discussion, researching, strategizing and planning. Being dedicated despite challenges has been the motif of my life’s purpose.

I will be attentive to what people say and work with others to address concerns and develop solutions and remedies. I enjoy putting time in researching and delivering information to educate residents so they can make decisions that improve their lives.

Q. What motivated you to run?

A. I am seeking election for Town Council because I want to be a voice at the table for all the residents of our community. As I campaign door to door, I enjoy talking to residents and listening to their concerns and hopes for the future of our town. I enjoy the quality of life Westfield offers, and I want to do my part to ensure that we continue to move forward on a number of fronts. We’re making great progress, but there is still so much more work ahead. 

Q. What would be your top priorities if elected?

A. If elected, one area I plan to focus on is parks and recreation. Our parks create an atmosphere that is beneficial to both physical and mental health; they create opportunities for people to meet and connect as well as provide space for athletic activities. It is important that our parks are well maintained. In Ward 3, Windsor Park is high on my list to ensure that improvements and plans for this park will continue. 

As a resident of Central Avenue, I live with traffic congestion every day, and I plan to advocate for continuous safety measures when it comes to traffic mitigation. The concerns about traffic on specific roads, such as Boulevard and Summit Avenue, need to be discussed with the intention of slowing traffic and ensuring pedestrians and bicyclists are safe, especially during school hours.

Q. What are your thoughts on development?

A. Development is important to any thriving town. I want to ensure that development is responsible. Let’s remember that much of the development that we are seeing today is the result of a 2017 settlement agreement the prior administration reached with the Fair Share Housing Center. Modern development, such as One Westfield Place, is the result of the changing retail landscape. The last thing I want to see in our town is a large department store sitting vacant for years and years. Lord & Taylor remains our largest taxpayer in town. One Westfield Place will benefit our downtown in numerous ways. People who live and work in the development will shop in our stores and dine in our restaurants, ensuring that our downtown will continue to thrive.

Q. What solutions do you have for supporting the town’s business community? 

A. I plan to support the town’s business community by seeking their input on what will benefit their businesses and their customers now and in the future. We need to incorporate their knowledge and experience into our future town planning. I know our business community will do everything it can to make their businesses and our town successful. I hope to be a partner with them in this shared endeavor.   

Q. How do you feel about working across party lines? 

A. I will work with anyone and everyone. Great ideas and solutions can come from anywhere. I will always put the best interests of Westfield first.  

Q. What else would you like to share with our readers?

A. I live with my husband, Dennis, and our two children, Alee and Adonai. Alee is in college. Adonai is in kindergarten. I am a professional educator and President of the East Orange Education Association. I hold two doctoral degrees, one in education and the other in divinity and theology.

I love living in Westfield and I am excited about what the future holds for our town.  Great things are happening in Westfield and the best is yet to come.

Q. How can our readers get in touch with you, and where can they learn more about you?

A. My website is:

My Facebook is:

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