Why I am endorsing Dawn Nichol-Manning for Ward 3 Councilwoman

If you’d like to see Westfield’s momentum continue during the next four years, VOTE for Dawn Nichol-Manning for Town Council in Ward 3. I wholeheartedly endorse Dawn because I know she’ll support the kind of policies and programs that have helped Westfield make tremendous progress since I was first elected as Ward 3 Councilman back in 2017.

Dawn cares passionately about the issues that you care about including:

  • Improving your quality of life such as paving the rest of Westfield’s roads (by the way, since I’ve taken office, the town has paved approximately 70% of our roads with utilities covering much of the cost)
  • Improving public safety including the purchase of more License Plate Readers, upgraded street lighting and new sidewalks
  • Investing in parks and recreation including new fields to address our town’s fields capacity deficit
  • Continuing smart fiscal management that has kept tax increases low, averaging only 1.4% over the past 6 years vs 2.7% for the prior 6 years

Dawn will also bring valuable new perspectives to the Council which will make our government more representative and effective. She has 27 years of experience as an educator and pastor, focusing on listening to and understanding the needs of others and taking steps to address their concerns and make things better.

She is President of the East Orange Education Association, where she focuses on finding common ground among competing groups to drive positive change. She lives on Central Avenue, so she understands the need to address traffic and pedestrian safety issues. She’s a mom of two children (one in college and one in elementary school) and a wife who wants Westfield to be the preeminent town for families to move to and raise their children.

Lastly, if elected, Dawn will bring invaluable perspective as the town’s first African-American elected female councilperson.

Join me in voting for Dawn Nichol-Manning for Town Council in Ward 3 during the upcoming election. Whether you’re voting in person on Nov. 7, voting early in person or mailing in your ballot, check the box for Dawn Nichol-Manning to keep Westfield moving forward.

Councilman David Contract